How did Products of Windrush come about?


A young lady (a grandchild from the generation) decided that to celebrate the 70th year anniversary, that she descends from.
By launching Products of Windrush.
She believed it was time to work together to promote awareness of a part of history that a high percentage of the generation descend from, but know nothing about.
In aim to share the message that we are all one.
Also highlighting what and who became of the making of Britain, from this generation.
By working together, lets make a change in making the world know of legends and the endless talent that has changed society.


70 years and beyond…..


The awareness ts are just the beginning of getting the message out there. Fashion, art, creativity and entrepreneurs have teamed together to make this work.
Lets continue to grow together in whatever we love, to share and grow as one.

***A percentage of any Products sold on this site will be contributed to into workshops and projects within our communities, to promote awareness.***

We are.... Products of Windrush

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