This page is dedicated solely for the purpose of awareness.

Legends and talent will be featured on here. Past and present talent, that contributed and still do.

We would like to thank our initial sponsor @rareculturelondon for your contribution into making this happen.

A London based, talented designer. A grandchild from the windrush generation.

Miss Guyana UK

1st Runner up and entrepreneur and grandchild of the windrush generation.

Soloman Smith

Founder of the Brixton Soup Kitchen and a grandchild of the windrush generation.

Mr Samuel King MBE

Condolences to this legend who was a war veteran and arrived on Empire Windrush in 1948. He was the first black Mayor of Southwark. Leading to become the Founder of Notting Hill Carnival

Quincy Logie

Artist (Producer of 20x10ft Mural crafted artwork created for the 70th anniversary, and a grandchild from the  windrush generation

We are.... Products of Windrush

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